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Nature & Community tours on Koh Phra Thong

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eco activities on koh phra thong

Koh Phra Thong has a wealth of land based natural environments for visitors to explore. The island also plays host to an interesting number of people with varying histories.

We group these activities together because when visiting a village one often passes through a place of natural beauty. Conversely, when making an excursion to explore some of the local flora and fauna there is often an opportunity to pop in to a village. Hence although single activity community or nature tours are possible, combined tours are much better value. Use enquiry form below to find out more.

Koh Ra Trekking

To the north of Koh Phra Thong lies the rainforest covered Koh Ra. This island is quite different to the flat beach lined Koh Phra Thong. It is a mountainous ridge jutting out of the water; a deep green canopy covering its entire length hiding more exceptional species of animals and plants. Leopard cats, pangolin and flying fox are just a few of the many amazing creatures living here.

You can join Blue Guru for a trekking tour to Koh Ra combined with a visit to Lions Village - at the north end of Koh Phra Thong where we pick up a local guide to lead us through the jungle.

Mangrove Tours

thailand mangrove tours

The mangroves around Koh Phra Thong are some of the densest and healthiest in the region. Forming a protective buffer between land & sea, these habitats are highly important from a number of different standpoints. Find out more about mangroves at the Koh Phra Thong website.

Blue Guru host regular longtail trips to the mangroves under the supervision of one of our expert guides . We also employ a local guide who masterfully steers his way through Koh Phra Thong island along a mangrove lined tributary which is only accessible at high tide.


Koh Phra Thong offers kayakers several distinctive areas in which to paddle. Each one provides a unique environment to explore. The kayaking here ranges from very easy to more challenging.

1) Golden Buddha mangrove channel: Behind Golden Buddha Beach resort there is a long canal that reaches into the depths of the island. It is lined with mangrove habitat and is an excellent venue for the avid bird watcher. It is also possible to view mammals & reptiles at the waters edge if you are quiet.

Difficulty rating: Easy

thailand kayaking

2) Koh Pling islands: Explore Golden Buddha Bay by sea Kayak. This sheltered area allows for relatively easy sea kayaking as the headland protects the water from the Andaman swell. The Koh Pling islands are only a short paddle away and offer enjoyable snorkeling.

Difficulty rating: Easy - Intermediate

3) Koh Ra - Koh Phra Thong channel: more extensive sea kayaking can be found in the channel between Koh Phra Thong & Koh Ra. Here you will be able to explore a multitude of tributaries within mangrove forests and enjoy the striking mountanous scenery looking east towards the mainland and the ancient tropical rainforests on Koh Ra.

Difficulty rating: Intermediate - Difficult

4) Circumnavigate Koh Ra: This multi day trip will allow you take in the Koh Pling islands and the Koh Ra channel aswell as the more challenging open ocean side of Koh Ra. Durin this trip you will be able to explore the magnificent rainforests on Koh Ra and visit isolated island communitires. For the adventurous only. This kayaking adventure is only available via pre-booking.

Difficulty rating: Advanced

Baan Lions - Pak Chok

village tours on koh phra thong

Lions Village is located at the northern tip of Koh Phra Thong. It replaces the village of Pak Chok which was severely damaged by the 2004 tsunami.

Baan Lions is named after the Lions Rotary Club of Phuket who provided the funding for rebuilding the homes which now house the villagers. This is where the Koh Phra Thong homestay program takes place and where Naucrates turtle conservation are based. Some Blue Guru staff & Divemaster Interns live here and it is home to Tam & Thoom our local dive apprentices.

Ta Pae Yoi

Located on the eastern coast of Koh Phra Thong, Ta Pae Yoi was spared the devastating effects of the 2004 tsunami. Considered the capital of the island it is where the majority of the island population live.

Most of the homes conform to the local traditional style and the people mostly employed in fishing or related activities such as making & selling fish traps or the manufacture of longtail boats. Many visitors to Koh Phra Thong choose to visit this village to get a true taste of an authentic rural Thai fishing village.

Thung Dap

village tours on koh phra thong

At the southern tip of Koh Phra Thong is a small village called Thung Dap. This region is quite off the beaten track and accessible only by longtail boat or across the inland plains by tractor.

The villagers here are very welcoming and are also hoping to encourage more vistors by way of a small homestay. There are also two orchid farms which are of particular interest to botanists as they grow some of the wild tropical orchids which can only be found in this part of Thailand.

Thailand Scuba Diving - Marine Wonders of the Andaman Sea

 whale shark at richelieu rock

Richelieu Rock...

is the most spectacular scuba diving location in Thailand. A striking open sea pinnacle for intermediate divers; it attracts manta rays, whale sharks & much more.
 koh surin turtle

Koh Surin...

are actually two tropical islands. They harbour the largest divesity of hard corals in Thailand & 4 types of sea turtle. Snorkeling & diving are available on day & multi day trips.
koh phra thong dugong

Koh Phra Thong...

is a tropical island paradise just off the Andaman Coast of Thailand. Blue Guru Diving conduct snorkel and scuba diving trips to the local coral reefs on a daily basis.

Accommodation on Koh Phra Thong - Thailand

tropical eco resort house

Golden Buddha

is the premier accommodation option on Phra Thong Island and highly rated by trip advisor. This tropical resort offers a range of unique beach front houses
thailand beach huts

Mr. Chuoi Beach Huts

is an excellent budget accommodation option for travellers. Situated close to a private bay, surrounded by nature. Its an exclusive holiday without the price tag
tropical island homestay

Baan Lions Homestay

is our Koh Phra Thong community tourism option. A holiday in this rural Thailand village will reward visitors with a rich cultural experience and delicious local cuisine.
 thailand beach camping

Boon Piya Resort

before heading to Koh Phra Thong - why not spend a day or two exploring the coastal town of Kuraburi. Boon Piya resort is the perfect place to stay.