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Richelieu Rock scuba diving day trips available from November - May

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Best scuba diving in Thailand - Richelieu Rock

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What is Richelieu Rock?

Richelieu Rock is a striking open sea pinnacle. The central rock is a jutting limestone spire, rising from 50m deep all the way to the surface. There are two more inner columns on either side of the central one.

Why Richelieu Rock?

Richelieu's structure and isolation make it a magnet for a vast selection of marine life. Many divers choose Richelieu Rock because of regular whale shark and manta visitations.

Increase your chances of seeing large pelagics by joining the Richelieu Rock 2d1n Scuba Safari
richelieu rock tip
andaman whale shark
richelieu rock octopus
map of surin islands

Where is Richelieu Rock?

Richelieu Rock is approximately 45km west off the Andaman coast of Thailand. It is about 550 km south of Bangkok and 150 km north of Phuket. Richelieu Rock is about 10km from the Surin Islands.

Marine life at Richelieu Rock?

The diversity of marine life at Richelieu is tremendous. Ranging from the very large to the very small there is really something for everyone.
- Whale sharks & manta rays
- Schools of barracuda and grouper
- Octopus & cuttlefish
- Ghost pipefish & seahorses
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Luxury dive cruiser 'Chandida'

'Chandida' is the only fast scuba diving cruiser in the region. Her superior size allows Blue Guru divers the luxury of a calm ride with ample space to rest & relax in the air conditioned saloon or chat with other guests upstairs on the deck.

Blue Guru - closest dive centre

Blue Guru Diving is the closest dive centre to Richelieu Rock. We are half the distance awayfrom the rock than Khao Lak, where all the other dive boats come from. This means that you have the opportunity to explore Richelieu by a dive cruiser as opposed to speedboat or liveaboard.
luxury scuba diving cruiser chandida
surin speedboat brings back snorkelers to Koh Phra Thong
getting ready to dive at Richelieu Rock
speedboat trip to Surin Islands

The best of both worlds

Chandida offers keen scuba divers the opportunity to dive Thailand's best site without compromise.

Pros - large, luxurious, comfortable
Cons - slow, expensive, only 2 out of 10+ dives at Richelieu Rock, difficult for families/groups with non-divers

Pros - fast & focussed
Cons - little room to move around, feel like a commuter, uncomfortable in less than perfect conditions

Dive Cruiser:
Pros - all of Pros above
Cons - none of Cons above

Discover Thailand's Andaman Coast

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Tailor-Made Diving

Try Blue Guru 'Bespoke' holidays for discerning scuba divers. With our hard earned knowledge & experience of Thailand's Andaman Coast we can help you design a dream holiday.
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Eco Projects

Blue Guru's commitment to sustainable tourism is second to none. We fiercely believe in improving the local environment through our community related projects.