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What are the Surin Islands?

Koh Surin National Marine Park rates as one of Thailand's prime island locations. The two main islands Koh Surin Nua and Koh Surin Tai form the bulk of the land mass. The other 3 satellite islands enhance the overground vistas and reef systems.

Why the Surin Islands?

The Surin Islands has shallow coral sites suitable for snorkeling and some of the finest diving in Thailand. A fringing reef runs along the entire eastern edge of the islands whilst the western side has numerous boulder sites. Koh Surin has the greatest diversity of hard corals in the country.
surin islands aerial photo
surin islands coral
manta rays at surin islands
map of surin islands

Where are the Surin Islands?

The Surin Islands are approximately 54km west off the Andaman coast of Thailand. They are 550 km south of Bangkok and 150 km north of Phuket. The Marine Park covers an area of almost 140 kmĀ² stretching up to within 10 km of the Burmese (Myanmar) - Thai border.

Nature on the Surin Islands

The Surin Marine Park is a shining example of natural beauty. It plays host to vast range of flora & fauna on the land and in the sea including
90 species of birds
200 species of coral
1000 species of fish
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Dive Cruiser - 'Chandida'

'Chandida' is the only fast scuba diving cruiser in the region. Her superior size allows Blue Guru snorkelers & divers the luxury of a calm ride with ample space to rest & relax in the air conditioned saloon or chat with other guests on the deck.

Exclusive diving & snorkeling

'Chandida' is also the only day trip cruiser going to the Surin Islands. Snorkelers & divers on the trip can visit exclusive sites where there is invariably nobody else around except us. This means that you get to enjoy a peaceful diving or snorkeling experience away from the crowds.
luxury scuba diving cruiser chandida
surin speedboat brings back snorkelers to Koh Phra Thong
happy guest on surin islands scuba trip
speedboat trip to Surin Islands

Surin by speedboat

Blue Guru offer a daily snorkeling service to the Surin Islands by shared speedboat. The trip takes just over an hour to the snorkeling sites. There is also the opportunity to go onto the Surin Islands themselves.

Snorkeling only

The speedboat service is for snorkelers only. Mixed groups of divers & snorkelers should join the 'Chandida' trip. Also the speedboat is operated by a local provider and carries 6 - 40 people. During peak periods the boat can be full and there will be less room to move around and relax... we recommend 'Chandida'
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